The curse of debt

Read Deuteronomy 15:1-6

Have you ever had a loan and been in debt? I remember the first time I took a loan. I didn’t like the feeling, because the weight of carrying debt made me uncomfortable. I felt like I’d be paying it back forever. Debt is a huge problem in our world today, and many never get away from owing money.

It’s amazing to me that God understands the burden debt can be on people, and for that reason he told the Israelites that every seven years all debts should be cancelled! I can’t imagine that anything like that would be thought of now. Even bankruptcy is seen as a last resort, not a positive solution.

The weight of world-wide personal and governmental debt is indicative of how far we are from God and his original purpose for mankind. Proverbs 22:7, is so true. “The borrower is servant to the lender.” God has a better plan for us, and the sooner we can get out from under crushing debt, the better.

Yet, there is an even greater debt than the financial one that everyone owes – the debt of sin. As much as a person wants to do good, no one can avoid doing wrong, and many even enjoy it. However, just as he wanted to spare his people from financial ruin, God wants to give us a way out of spiritual ruin.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jesus came to pay the price for the sins of the world; all we have to do is trust in him, and our debt is cancelled.

Dying with financial debt is bad, because it hurts those we leave behind, but dying with the debt of sin means you will be paying that debt for eternity apart from God.

Do you want to clear your debt? Trust in Jesus.


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