Made to fail

Some questions are hard. I have to admit, I was asked one recently, that I have been avoiding. Yet, tonight, I made myself go back and look at the actual question, in order to give it real consideration. In full disclosure, here’s the original post:  Do you believe God approves same sex marriages? A lot of … More Made to fail

Does prayer matter?

Do you struggle with prayer? You are not alone. Yet, before I share my thoughts on what prayer is, it’s important to recognize what it is not. The word itself holds different meanings for different people, and I believe the prayer we’re taught and modeled by Christ himself, is unique from that of other religions. … More Does prayer matter?

From bad to worse

Read Judges 21:25. Have you ever been in a place in your life where things just seem to go from bad to worse? I think that sometimes, when I look at the world today. I wonder, “how much worse can it get?” It was like that in the days of ancient Israel. Once the people … More From bad to worse

The curse of debt

Read Deuteronomy 15:1-6 Have you ever had a loan and been in debt? I remember the first time I took a loan. I didn’t like the feeling, because the weight of carrying debt made me uncomfortable. I felt like I’d be paying it back forever. Debt is a huge problem in our world today, and … More The curse of debt