God’s Poem

Just like people are supposed to be able to look at the universe and see it as a poem that must have been written by God, people are supposed to be able to look at the lives of those who follow God and say, “There is a poem that must have been written by God,” and “whoever is the author of that poem, I want Him to be the Author of my life, too.”

Zacharias and Vitale, Jesus Among Secular Gods

Vince Vitale’s concept of our lives as God’s poem proves a beautiful reflection of the transformed life in Christ. The word poem comes from the Greek, which means “what has been made.”

Relate this definition to the simple statement from the book of Acts.

The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

Acts 11:26b NIV

Those who followed Jesus in faith obviously changed to such an extent, the people gave them a new name—Christians, meaning “little Christs.”

No longer seeing the same person, they now saw the source of their faith pouring out in all they did and said. They saw Jesus. The old had been made new.

If you wrote a literal poem about yourself or someone you know who follows Christ, what would it include? Think of the adjectives or words to describe the life before faith in Jesus; then, what words would describe you or them now?

Your life before Christ doesn’t have to be one of a criminal or addict to reflect transformation. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the tender age of eight. No huge change in actions or words, but the experience was still life-changing, and I pray it’s still evident to those who see me today.

Now think about yourself as others see you. Do they see a person made new in Christ? How does the poem of your life read to others? May they see it for the love poem God intends.

Grace and Peace

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  1. I read your postings 3 times a week. This one is food for thought (as are all the others), but I’ll be searching for words to a poem about my life. Thanks.

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