Worth the Effort

One of the hard things about the Christian life, and one that the world doesn’t get, is praying in faith. Two things are important to remember in this: The prayers are lifted up to the God of all creation through Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not praying in blind … More Worth the Effort

Ramadan Kareem

Would you practice your faith even if no one around you did? Though you may not realize it, we are in the middle of a very special month for those of the Islamic faith — Ramadan. Having lived in the Middle East for over twenty years, I know how this month of fasting affects life. … More Ramadan Kareem

An Afternoon Off?

Sometimes I take advantage of Friday afternoons, if I’ve stayed late at work and have the hours. Today was one of those days, that I could take off a few hours early. I thought throughout the morning about what I might want to do…two options came up: Go to a nearby bookstore to find a … More An Afternoon Off?