Jars of clay, willing vessels

I love it when God does something despite me! I think that’s one of the joys of being a clay jar. He gets to do the shining, no matter the faults in the vessel. When that happens, the jar is just that, a vessel, while God is the amazing Sovereign of the Universe, and all is as it should be.

I got to stand in his glow a bit tonight, and it was totally thrilling.

A sweet sister sent me a message earlier in the day to let me know she was going to join us for prayer meeting at church tonight. I was looking forward to seeing her, as I knew she would soon be traveling far, far away to do God’s wonderful work. And come to the meeting she did, so I was able to introduce her to the group.

A late-comer to the meeting was another wonderful sister, who I knew would be happy to see a fellow “youngish” woman as herself. When I introduced them, I saw the first illumination of faces, as they realized they had the same heart for the nations.

We all prayed…sweet prayers, for each other, while especially remembering this dear one who was leaving all she knew to go to a “land not her own.” After the meeting was over, these two drew closer and kept talking. We all eventually moved outside, as I turned out lights and locked the church door.

The three of us continued talking in the parking lot, and then it hit me! Oh yeah, I had both of you in my little secret Facebook group!! You’ve never met face-to-face, but look at you now! They laughed at the “old woman,” who can’t seem to remember anything these days, and simply agreed that they were so happy to connect, while exchanging emails and promising to keep in touch.

A friendship made, destined to be separated by miles, but not by spirit.

As I hugged, gave a blessing and moved toward my car, I left the two new, like-minded sisters talking and smiling. I called out to them that God had meant for them to meet at such a time as this.

They yelled back, saying, “and look, he used you to bring it to pass.”

I pulled out, amazed at being a part of something, perhaps not even noticeable in this world, but spiritually God-sized and wondrous. I’m just glad I got to be a jar in his hand.

Have you wondered lately how he might be using you? Do you wonder if it makes any impact at all? Don’t neglect the small things; for in these, God may do the most to his glory. Just be that willing vessel, and let him do the rest.

Grace and Peace

Originally published June 2018

3 thoughts on “Jars of clay, willing vessels

  1. Along this line I have been meditating on the part in Hosea where he tells us to “break up our unplowed ground”. (10:12) Am taking this as an exhortation to deliberately seek out Christ’s direction for my life right now. It’s been untilled for too long!

    1. Ruth, what a great verse to apply. I may grab that one too! It’s so easy to let things lay fallow, which prevents the Lord from using them. Good encouragement!

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