He was the speaker, I was the writer, and that’s the way I liked it. Yet, when I stopped to think about it, I’ve actually been speaking to churches and groups for over 30 years…taking baby steps to where I am today, a solo act.

The main reason I continue to speak is because of my call to multiply disciples in witness and spiritual growth. I focus on six main areas:

  • Growing through grief.
  • Maintaining a witness through times of change.
  • Being firmly rooted in the Word.
  • Being ready to give a reason for your hope.
  • Reaching Muslim women with the Gospel.
  • Understanding Islam.

The Lord has encouraged me to carry on the work and vision Raouf and I had as a couple to see American Christians come to understand Islam and how they can personally reach Muslims for Christ. I am available to offer seminars or sessions on the following:

  • Understanding Islam (including comparative religion of Islam/Christianity)
  • Understanding and reaching Muslim women for Christ.
  • Train doctors, teachers, chaplains and other professionals in how to relate to and understand Muslim patients, families, students, etc.
  • Help groups to learn how to love the Muslim while being wary of the religion’s impact on society and America as a whole.
  • Share with groups what Islam is doing around the world and how the Lord is moving among Muslims, and how we can be involved in the work on the mission field.
  • Discipling new believers from Muslim backgrounds.

I also have expertise and experience in speaking on a variety of other topics, such as:

  • Grief.
  • Writing.
  • Prayer.
  • Being a woman in the Arab World.
  • Hospitality.
  • Being a minister’s wife.
  • Being a single woman in the Arab World or in ministry.

I love to interact and dialogue with groups on a wide variety of subjects, so don’t hesitate to ask me, if there is a specific topic you’d like me to address. Of course, I’m very pleased to talk about any of my books with groups who have read them or want to learn more.

Feel free to contact me here.

Upcoming speaking engagements.


A Review of “Engaging Muslims for Christ” at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2017