From Father to Son

Today I received two special gifts — both were flowers, and both were in honor of Mother’s Day in the Middle East. You see…I’m a Middle Eastern mother, in case you didn’t know. 🙂 Technically, I’m not Middle Eastern, but I did give birth to both my children in the Middle East, so I think … More From Father to Son


I’m actually sitting outside on my patio to write this post, thrilled at the warmth of the sunshine on my shoulders (you can hum the song if you’re old enough), and the brightness of the day. Though I was very sad that I had no daffodils to bloom this year, God did grant me the … More Spring

The Bridge Builder

My husband used to play a game with groups when he was speaking. He would have them say a word — any word, that came to mind, and he would build a bridge to the Gospel. He didn’t just have a gift, he practiced a lot! I miss hearing from him the stories of those … More The Bridge Builder

I can identify…

I had one of those odd experiences that come during the grief walk. A friend’s father had passed away, so I went to the funeral home for visitation. It was the same funeral home where I said goodbye to the two greatest men in my life this last year…even the same room. I could not … More I can identify…

Two Timothies

Tonight I looked at a stage where I stood, almost three years ago to the day, speaking to a group of women about how to reach Muslim women for Christ. I remember being nervous, because Raouf was with me — and not speaking — and I was always a bit intimidated by his presence. However, … More Two Timothies

Finding Motivation

While I think it is a natural part of the grief journey, many in all stages of life suffer from motivation disorder, which is my fancy way of saying a lack of motivation. Though I’m better now than I was 15 months ago, I still find myself struggling at times to just get out of … More Finding Motivation

A blooming stick

In the book of Numbers, we read the story of how God used a blooming rod to choose Aaron and the tribe of Levi from all the tribes of Israel. That was a supernatural blooming for sure. This morning when I looked out my kitchen window, I saw my own reminder of God’s handiwork, when … More A blooming stick

I Must Decrease

I never know when it will happen, but more often than not, it comes when someone speaks of the impact of his words on their life. It was a typical, crazy Monday at work. I had been running in every kind of direction at the library, but we had a meeting scheduled during my lunch … More I Must Decrease