He chose me!

I never thought I would be so blessed to have such a handsome, godly man actually choose me for his wife. You can tell by the look on my face how happy I was twenty-seven years ago today to be riding off on the adventure of a lifetime. Today, it seems like a dream. Yet, … More He chose me!

Naming Rights

History is full of well-known names, many times not because of something they did or accomplished, but because their name is on a physical place or building: Alexandria Library, Marshall Islands, JFK International Airport, Martin Luther King, Jr, Drive, Louis Armstrong Stadium, etc. How many children can tell you anything about the person behind the … More Naming Rights


To go through a new door, one must close another — this is one of the bittersweet parts of the grief journey. I’m trying a new approach though…keeping the door of the past open at least vicariously through my children! I know, it’s cheating, but at least it helped me get through what is a … More Doors

Never Grown Up

I have always had a hard time calling my elders by their first name. Some people in my life will always be Mr. or Mrs. That’s just the way it is — can’t help it. Even though I’m now Mrs…to those younger than me, I cannot bring myself to call certain people in my life … More Never Grown Up

From Father to Son

Today I received two special gifts — both were flowers, and both were in honor of Mother’s Day in the Middle East. You see…I’m a Middle Eastern mother, in case you didn’t know. 🙂 Technically, I’m not Middle Eastern, but I did give birth to both my children in the Middle East, so I think … More From Father to Son


I’m actually sitting outside on my patio to write this post, thrilled at the warmth of the sunshine on my shoulders (you can hum the song if you’re old enough), and the brightness of the day. Though I was very sad that I had no daffodils to bloom this year, God did grant me the … More Spring