There is a time for us to wander

I have both my boys home this week. It’s a wonderful feeling for a mother. Yet, even as I was reflecting on my youngest’s recent return from college, I realized something: this week is really the last time the three of us will be living together in the same house. As he heads off to a summer mission trip at the end of the month, upon his return, I will have moved into my new condo (where he will have a room), and then shortly thereafter, his older brother will be bringing his bride to make this house their home.

The eldest will be traveling for two weeks for work as of Sunday, so — sigh — we actually have five days together. Life changes once again, and I can’t hold onto the moments.

I found a song I asked my boys to sing with me. I heard it during my nighttime ritual watching of Andy Griffith. It’s entitled, “There is a Time for us to Wander” written by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne. It’s a song about life and change and seemed very appropriate for the mood I find myself in tonight.

There is a time for love and laughter, The days will pass like summer storms;
The winter winds will follow after, But there is love and love is warm.

There is a time for us to wander, When time is young and so are we; The woods are greener over yonder; The path is new and the world is free.

There is a time when leaves are fallin’, the woods are gray, the paths are old; The snow will come when geese are callin’, We need a fire against the cold.

So do your roamin’ in the springtime, You’ll find your love and a summer sun; The frost will come and bring a harvest, And you can rest when the day is done.

What’s interesting is, that when we were sitting outside on Sunday singing it together, I didn’t know the last verse until my eldest son found it. We all were a bit teary eyed as we realized the impact of the words.

Time is like a river flowin’, With no regrets as it moves on; Around each bend’s the shining mornin’, And all the friends we thought were gone.

This bittersweet tune echoes much of the sentiment of an older and wiser Solomon, when he said: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

I want to live with no regret as time moves on. Tomorrow I’ll get off the computer and spend time with my sons. What will you do?

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “There is a time for us to wander

  1. Carol, you are a GIFTED communicator and we all thank you for blessing us with tender moments of truth. Enjoy and delight in this precious time with your two sons. May your memories of beloved Raouf continue to be sweet, and may your hope for the future be tangibly flooded with God’s light, promises, and joy.

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