Why such gifts?

We Three Kings of Orient Are* would have been a great carol to sing in my ESL class this month, for it carries great teaching about this part of the Christmas story. My ladies, all from another religious background, wanted to understand why these wise men would bring such gifts to the newborn king. I … More Why such gifts?

Oboe and French

There are some carols you identify with because of special memories or people. I identify with He is Born,* because I can sing it in French (Il est né) and used to play the oboe in high school band. He is born, the holy Child; play the oboe and bagpipes merrily! He is born, the holy Child; … More Oboe and French

Bless the children

No Christmas would be complete without hearing children sing Away in a Manger.* Their sweet voices tell the story of the baby Jesus in a stable bed, not making a sound, with the softly lowing animals by his side. It’s a perfect picture…until it’s not. A child stands still, without singing, furious that his parents make … More Bless the children


Growing up in an area that is both the South and heart of the Bible Belt, many of our expressions have biblical foundations. Some of my favorites are “Bless your heart”, “Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” (which I taught my ESL class) and “Glory be!” The meaning of these can vary depending on … More Glory!