What sets you apart?

I’ve been going back to my childhood recently watching “Family Affair”, an old 70s TV show that depicted Brian Keith as an uncle who took in his late brother’s three children. One of my favorite characters is Mr. French, the English butler. He is very distinguished, but can be a wonderful, loving friend to the … More What sets you apart?

Do not shrink back

While social media posts usually receive a quick perusal at best, I find some draw me in or require a response. Since I didn’t want to “start something” on my friend’s post,(actually I did post one response), I have been thinking a lot about it. Several questions were asked: Is there a God? I don’t … More Do not shrink back

Old Friends

“It’s amazing that after 27 years, we can pick up like we’ve never been apart.” That’s what a retired missionary to Venezuela said as we ate dinner. They’d driven to the conference from South Texas and visited friends along the way. There’s a bond in this group as I hear snippets of conversations on our … More Old Friends

Evil Days

I know, as per Solomon the Wise, there is nothing new under the sun, but the days we’re living in sure do seem to me to have an extra helping of evil sprinkled in. I find myself watching less and less of the news, and yet, I still can’t avoid feeling the change. Perhaps that’s … More Evil Days