We are Family

I was cleaning out a drawer of placemats today when I came across the gem in the picture. I made it for David when he was a toddler, so that he could begin to recognize family members who were on the other side of the ocean. This is pre-Skype and FaceTime, so we actually had … More We are Family

Soul Repair

Do you have aches and pains and can’t figure out the source of the problem? Do you find yourself taking pain medicine for a symptom just to get through the day? Last week my feet were hurting after work. My feet often hurt, as I am up and down a lot, and always try to … More Soul Repair

We come, they go

Today, I sat in the back of the sanctuary at the Arabic Baptist Church and watched my youngest son be surrounded by the congregation. They gathered to pray for him, as they have done so many others, to ask God’s blessings and protection as he goes out on mission. I’ve been on the receiving end … More We come, they go