Passing the Test

Sometimes people ask the dumbest questions. “How do you know it works?” they might ask. “Because I’ve tried it,” comes the obvious response. We know things work by testing them. I know my car runs well, because I drove it today. I know I am qualified for a position, because I’ve worked in this field … More Passing the Test


Have you ever had to get a parking pass validated? It seems you never can find anyone working when you need it, but without that stamp, you can’t prove you were ever in the building. I’m a notary public, and it’s funny that the entire value of my signature and stamp is to validate that the … More Validation

Casting Stones

I did some manual labor today that gave me some interesting insight into a metaphorical activity I’m sometimes prone to perform — casting stones. It started with a pile of rocks. They were in the wrong place in my yard, and I’m trying to get things looking better for the upcoming sale of my house. … More Casting Stones


Have you ever read a great book that had a bad ending? I felt that way lately, after reading a recent bestseller. The story was hard, but drew me in, as I wanted to understand the hardships the author had experienced. Her world was completely different from my own, and I was amazed at her … More Education

The Nature of Love

Guest Blog Post: Nathan W. Ghattas Love is undeniably the main theme of the Bible. It’s about God’s love for us. The turning point in all of history, the pinnacle moment that allowed all peoples to be reconciled with the God we walked away from and denied, was Christ being glorified on the cross. Christ, … More The Nature of Love

What’s the Secret?

Did you know there is something going on in our world today that has amazing secret power? It’s true. It’s called lawlessness. I was reading a very old (like in 2,000 year old) letter that talks about it. Paul was telling a small group of believers in ancient Greece about “the man of lawlessness” who … More What’s the Secret?


We’re doing something new at my workplace — performance evaluations. Though this may be nothing new to those of you in the business world, it’s a big step for us in library-land. It’s really just a sign of how much we’ve grown, even in the eight short years I’ve been with my organization. While we’ve … More Evaluations

Making it their own

Buying a new house is exciting. It’s a huge commitment and is a major event in life. It’s been fun to watch my son and daughter-in-law go through the process, which includes both trepidation and enthusiasm. I was honored to be asked to help in a painting project this past weekend. Thrilled to be asked, … More Making it their own