Freedom Days

Being born in the United States of America comes with specific privileges, and one of them is the honor, which comes every year on a date known around the world as the Fourth of July, to celebrate the day our country became free and independent. While many countries have such a date in their history, … More Freedom Days

Does prayer matter?

Do you struggle with prayer? You are not alone. Yet, before I share my thoughts on what prayer is, it’s important to recognize what it is not. The word itself holds different meanings for different people, and I believe the prayer we’re taught and modeled by Christ himself, is unique from that of other religions. … More Does prayer matter?

Pillar and Ground

How long has your church been around? Tonight my home church celebrated 175 years of presence in our community. That’s a long time, and though I no longer attend there, I wanted to be at tonight’s dinner, because not only am I a part of her history, but she is definitely a part of mine. … More Pillar and Ground

Biting and Devouring

When God called Abraham and made from him a great nation, he was dealing basically with one family. The Jewish nation prided itself on blood lines and genealogies. Even so, it did not keep brother from killing brother or kings from being overthrown. Fast forward to a new kind of family — the Church. Her … More Biting and Devouring


Do you ever feel like a fish out of water? It’s not a pretty sight. A gentle, graceful creature flapping and struggling against the hard earth. Some die on that shore, while others are suddenly saved by the incoming rush of water. For the human creature, floundering most often comes when you’ve just completed a … More Floundering

When God speaks

I got a phone call today, not from anyone close by, but from far across the ocean; even so, the voice was clear and sweet and, simply put…from God. This dear brother had been on my mind since last week, as I thought of him during the writers conference I attended in North Carolina. Yet … More When God speaks