In it to win it

I’d never heard the phrase before, but it was perfect — “In it to win it!” No, I wasn’t watching a movie or game show. I was studying the Bible, of all things, with some youth in my church. This is a new class for me, but I’m having fun with the two or three … More In it to win it

Nothing by chance

I debated accepting. After all, it was only ten minutes. Was it really worth the drive? As I thought about the invitation to drive to a small town church, I heard a voice reminding me: “Didn’t you ask me to expand your speaking opportunities this year? Maybe it’s more about making connections than speaking.” So, … More Nothing by chance


I have noticed an interesting trend in the last couple of years…people are becoming less attached to social media. I can’t give you a statistic, just an observation from life. I look at my boys, who did not grow up in the United States, but upon our return, jumped on the digital bandwagon mainly to … More Withdrawing

When life hurts

Life can be rough. We’ve all had bad days or gone through hard times. Though they seemed horrible at the moment, we survived and got through them. A flashback to our teenage years provides numerous examples. But there are other times when we’re faced with struggles that can’t simply be shrugged off or let go, … More When life hurts

Flooded with emotion

I thought I had moved passed emotional outpourings, but today has been one of those days. It’s Sunday, so I headed to church in anticipation of what God would do among our small and struggling congregation. I was ready for our time of worship this week, as the visiting praise team sent their songs early … More Flooded with emotion