We are now the oldest of our family tribe, and today as we gathered to remember the life and faith of my sister-in-law, once again I thought about the passing of time. My house was opened to the clan for lunch, and as rooms filled with siblings, children and cousins, we easily talked about memories of … More Siblings

How do I show love?

The holiday of love took place this past week — Valentine’s Day. I think you would have to live in a cave in the USA to not have known what was happening on February 14 — love was everywhere. Even our rough and gruff Human Resources director sheepishly left the office, telling me that he might … More How do I show love?

A blooming stick

In the book of Numbers, we read the story of how God used a blooming rod to choose Aaron and the tribe of Levi from all the tribes of Israel. That was a supernatural blooming for sure. This morning when I looked out my kitchen window, I saw my own reminder of God’s handiwork, when … More A blooming stick

Holding Hands

Tonight we were together as family — I’m talking blood relatives. The family you’re born into for better or worse. On most days I’m happy with my family, and thank the Lord for having been raised by godly, loving parents. I miss my parents, and when we go through hard times, I miss them more. … More Holding Hands

Are you marked?

I have always found that when God wants to get a message across, He finds avenues to have it repeated until it sinks in to the mind of His children. Remember how Jesus asked Peter three times: “Do you love me?” With all the noise of the world today, sometimes it is hard to hear … More Are you marked?

I Must Decrease

I never know when it will happen, but more often than not, it comes when someone speaks of the impact of his words on their life. It was a typical, crazy Monday at work. I had been running in every kind of direction at the library, but we had a meeting scheduled during my lunch … More I Must Decrease

Make me lie down

Tonight I was with a small group of the faithful for a time of prayer at our church, and we did some reflection on Psalm 23. It is such a beautiful psalm of comfort, and now, back at home, I’ve turned off the TV to simply swim in it some more. One of my seminary … More Make me lie down