He chose me!

I never thought I would be so blessed to have such a handsome, godly man actually choose me for his wife. You can tell by the look on my face how happy I was twenty-seven years ago today to be riding off on the adventure of a lifetime. Today, it seems like a dream.

Yet, even in grief, God gives special serendipities to help us smile even on the days that cause us to miss even more those we love. I have two of them at my house today, and they’re called David and Nathan. I look at them and listen to them, and see Raouf. So much of him in them. It’s a blessing.

Then of course, they surprise me on this anniversary/mother’s day weekend with flowers and a framed picture of our last family vacation (with our two favorite Ames girls). We’re all eating ice cream and smiling and happy. Good memories to capture that were spontaneous and real. Another blessing.

My day actually started early with a drive to the airport to pick up my future daughter-in-love, after sending a kiss to Raouf’s picture on the wall to wish him a happy anniversary. Having such a happy reason to get out of the house early kept me from focusing on my lost love, knowing that I was picking up my son’s newfound love. Another blessing.

Dropped her and Nathan at the house and headed into work, ready to face an extremely busy day, only to find not one by two flower arrangements on my desk. My boss and our sweet secretary helping me to feel special by remembering I love yellow roses. Another blessing.

I was so busy that the hours went by in a blur, but as I sat down for a meeting, I glanced at a message on Facebook from my niece who is marrying tomorrow. She’s been thinking of me and about Uncle Raouf. She found an Egyptian coin to put in her bouquet tomorrow, sad that he’s not there to perform her wedding. Missing him with me. More tears, but so touched by her words and actions. Another blessing.

Now, as I prepare to enjoy a nice dinner with my siblings who’ve come in for the wedding, I continue to find comfort in family, who are going through their own grief in remembering our father’s passing a year earlier. We’re all happy to have a joyous reason to be together this weekend. Another blessing.

I’ve been blessed more than I could ever deserve today, and I’m so thankful for each person God used to be a part of my day. I pray that I can be that blessing to others when they’re having “one of those hard days”. I know you do as well.

Grace and Peace


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