I remember

Sometimes my favorite conversations are those when I say nothing at all, but just sit and listen to the interaction between the participants. That’s what happened to me this past week, as I visited my husband’s family in California. It was a typical gathering of his siblings — always plenty to eat and drink, along … More I remember


My youngest left today to begin his final year in college. Where does the time go? The older they get, the more we treasure the special moments, and I’m grateful for the few weeks we had together out of an otherwise busy summer. During their younger years, we spent many a night playing games. After … More Games

Freedom Days

Being born in the United States of America comes with specific privileges, and one of them is the honor, which comes every year on a date known around the world as the Fourth of July, to celebrate the day our country became free and independent. While many countries have such a date in their history, … More Freedom Days

The List

I found this in my grief journal. It was written on February 25, 2016 Three months today – it’s hard to believe. Death comes but time marches on. He left me, and when I didn’t know if I could go on without him, autopilot kicks in, and I did:             I’ve gone to work             … More The List

He still speaks

My phone buzzed and woke me up this morning at 6 a.m. It was a message from my pastor: “If you don’t mind, we are gonna have our wise man this morning. Is it OK for you?” Attached was a video from one of my late husband’s sermons. If I don’t mind…What could I say? … More He still speaks

I feel for him

I’ve had him on my mind all week. Thinking about how he’s feeling on the last few days left in the first year; remembering my days, yet knowing he will experience them in different ways, with different feelings. His grief is not mine, but still shared in some small way. He’s my brother. He lost … More I feel for him