We did it to ourselves

I am used to making trips to the airport. I have done it all my life. Yesterday, I made two–one was at 8:30 in the morning, and the second was at 10:30 at night. Both related to my children. I realized as I faced this sign for a second time in 24 hours that I really should not be surprised that now I am dropping off and picking up my sons. They were practically born in airplanes, as both of them traveled to multiple countries within the first few months of their precious lives.

However, there is something about traveling around the world as a family and being a widowed mother watching her son take his first solo journey to parts unknown. It was hard to say goodbye to my baby in the morning. I found myself giving him continuous reminders of what to do and not do on the trip. I drove on to church, heavy-hearted, but kept moving through the day knowing that he could handle himself, and God would take care of him when he couldn’t. It wasn’t his first plane ride, after all.

I had about 10 hours to miss both sons before I again went to the airport to pick up my eldest, who had been away on a business trip for two weeks. He is now the more experienced flyer at 22 years of age, having already taken several overseas flights on his own. This time he was coming from nearby Chicago. It’s funny…the brothers were in the same airport on the same day, as the younger had already transited through that hub.

When David texted me with his flight details earlier, he said “Thanks for picking me up so late!” I told him, “What’s a mother for?” I thought of how many times I’d dropped off and picked up their father from airports around the world, always grateful for God’s protection both coming and going. Now, I’m destined and happy to do the same for my sons as they face new adventures in this life. I’m thankful that the same God who has watched over my own comings and goings will indeed watch over theirs.

God knew I needed those two trips yesterday, as the first was harder than expected. You never know–one person’s departure is another’s arrival. Do you find that true in your life? God meets us at our point of need. So, don’t be afraid to let go…and let God.

Grace and Peace

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