Soul Repair

Do you have aches and pains and can’t figure out the source of the problem? Do you find yourself taking pain medicine for a symptom just to get through the day?

Last week my feet were hurting after work. My feet often hurt, as I am up and down a lot, and always try to take the stairs to get that extra bit of exercise. I’d noticed issues with my feet for over a month, and I worked to try to rub down the callouses, trim my toenails, and even just massage them. I contributed some of the pain to the weight I can’t seem to lose.

Then it happened…Thursday, after a particularly busy day, I came home complaining to my son about my feet. I then proceeded to do something I had not done before–I took off my shoe and looked at the sole. Guess what? There was a hole in my sole! I could not believe it. I loved those shoes–obviously, and wore them all the time. They were (as in the past tense) some of the most comfortable shoes I’d owned.

Not anymore.

I put my finger into the spot, and realized that hole was clear through. No wonder my foot hurt. I’d been walking on bare ground!

I thought about repairing the shoes, but realized they were really beyond help. Buying a new pair would probably be cheaper in the end. So, I threw them into the trash and took my son shopping.

I wondered to myself why it took so long for me to realize that the shoes were the problem. Why had I never thought to look at them before? Maybe, because I’d loved them so much, I forgot how long I’d worn them. Maybe because I took them for granted. Maybe because I kept blaming myself instead of thinking of an outside influence for my pain.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke. Could my soul by like this sole?

Do I experience soul ache and never think to question why? Do I hold on to bad habits that hinder my relationship with God, because I enjoy them too much? Do I take my relationship with Christ for granted? Do I blame myself and fail to recognize outside influences that Satan uses to attack and tear me down?

Does that make my soul beyond repair? Praise God–No. We have the best repairman in the universe–Jesus. He can heal, restore, make new — all at the call of His name and cry for forgiveness.

Is your soul damaged beyond repair? Don’t despair–Call on Jesus. He longs to show He cares.

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “Soul Repair

  1. Carol, you are an amazing communicator. Way to go, dear sister. Thank you for your transparency and your unwavering commitment to our King and His kingdom.

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