In His Hands

My youngest son leaves tomorrow to travel to the other side of the world, and I find the thing that upsets me most–more than the suicide attacks and strife “over there”–is the IT system crash of British Airways. Really? Does it have to happen the day before he travels out, Lord?

Yet, as he walks back and forth, while I’m writing this, to get stuff packed in his bags, I realize “what’s a IT crash in God’s economy?” Hasn’t the same God seen him through being born in a country where I couldn’t even get him a passport? Hasn’t he seen us through when my mother died, and I had to take him and David quickly to Cyprus for an emergency passport in order to be with my family. We got stopped in that same Heathrow airport way back in 1998, because we were coming from a “dangerous country” and they had to search my bags thoroughly while I’m standing there with a 3 month old and 3 year old about to miss my flight. He saw us through.

Isn’t this the same God who kept him safe in Tunisian schools, when he was the only child who didn’t speak Arabic? He taught his class lots of English that year. Isn’t this the same God who allowed us to walk through a crowded market in Egypt that was bombed the next day? Isn’t this the same God who protected his heart and mind when he entered middle school in the U.S. as a Third Culture Kid? And, isn’t this the same God who helped him to return to college the day after his father’s funeral to face finals and just keep going?

Yes, this is the same God who I’ve trusted with my first son, when he took this trip three years ago, and it is the same God I trust for my second son as he leaves. Is there ever a good time to watch your children follow God’s will for them, even if it means going to the hard places? Yes, I say there is…because it’s in God’s will that they are the safest.

So, as you go, I say — God speed. I am confident that He who began a good work in you will continue it and use you for His glory. Does a mother miss her son? Yes, more than she can express, but she still says “go,” knowing that God will bless him as he obeys. You’re in good hands.

Grace and Peace

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