From Father to Son

Today I received two special gifts — both were flowers, and both were in honor of Mother’s Day in the Middle East. You see…I’m a Middle Eastern mother, in case you didn’t know. 🙂 Technically, I’m not Middle Eastern, but I did give birth to both my children in the Middle East, so I think that counts.

The first bouquet of beautiful white daisies were from a church friend I had not seen in a several weeks. Was a wonderful surprise, and I was blessed. You never know how you touch someone until you follow the Lord’s leading and simply reach out in blessing. That’s what Nermin did for me today.

The second gift was from my eldest son…a beautiful pot of miniature yellow roses…I LOVE yellow roses. I asked him if these were in preparation for his wife-to-be, and to be planted in her yard; he said, no, there’s plenty of time for that. These were for his mother…for Mother’s Day.

I kissed him thinking, “he’s learned well” from his father who always knew when to bring me flowers. I haven’t cried in a while…crying now. Hard to believe it’s been 16 months now. Hard to believe, and yet, only yesterday I had a call from a dear friend of ours from our Texas days who only just now found out about his death. He could not believe he was over a year late in the discovery. I told him it’s OK, it happens in our busy, disconnected lives.

People come and go, lives change…flowers still bring a smile…and a tear.

Grace and Peace

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