An Afternoon Off?

Sometimes I take advantage of Friday afternoons, if I’ve stayed late at work and have the hours. Today was one of those days, that I could take off a few hours early. I thought throughout the morning about what I might want to do…two options came up:

  1. Go to a nearby bookstore to find a book I’ve been wanting to buy. (Yes, I know I’m a librarian, but I really want to mark this one up).
  2. Stop by my accountant and sign my taxes for her to file. (Not exciting, but trying to be proactive).

So, I left shortly after 2 p.m. thinking I could easily accomplish both options. I headed to the bookstore and got stuck by a train. No worries, I was off and not in a hurry. I got to the bookstore, and though enjoyed my time there, I didn’t find my book. (Orthodoxy┬áby G.K. Chesterton, in case you’re wondering).

Before I could leave the store, I got a call. It was a lady asking me to translate for a refugee woman who had an issue with her husband, which led to the police being called. I immediately thought: Must be why I’m off this afternoon with no specific plan except for being in a store so near the jail.

I went first to the jail, as instructed, only to find out she was not going to press charges, so I agreed to come to their apartment to make sure she was OK and to talk some sense into her husband. This led to my first trip to the complex where refugees were being settled in our town. I had a pleasant visit (as much as it could be) with the couple, sharing my sympathies for the situation of their country, having visited their hometown as well, since I lived there. I promised to come back another time for tea and hopefully a more pleasant topic of conversation than their marital issues.

This led to a good conversation with the police officer as well as the woman who had contacted me. We found a common love for internationals, as we had both served overseas. I then realized since I was in the complex where one of our newest church members had settled, I should take the opportunity to stop by and visit. The mother and children were thrilled to see me and have a visitor. I was happy to see them doing so well in their new home.

I ended up getting home at the same time I would normally on a Friday evening, but my attitude was different. God had used my afternoon “off” to remind me we are never “off” for His Kingdom. How was your afternoon?

Grace and Peace

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