I’m actually sitting outside on my patio to write this post, thrilled at the warmth of the sunshine on my shoulders (you can hum the song if you’re old enough), and the brightness of the day. Though I was very sad that I had no daffodils to bloom this year, God did grant me the joy of seeing, as I looked out of my kitchen window this morning, one simple tulip preparing to show its color.

Spring, it’s a time of new birth and a reminder that winter is not the end. This time last year, I was holding on to every sun-filled day I could find and relished in the return of this season after a winter of death. This year, spring came and then left us for a few cold weeks, just to let winter remind us that he wasn’t quite done. But it didn’t hurt, wasn’t as painful as the year prior, when winter bit and grief lingered.

My now annual visit to my tax accountant was another reminder that I’ve progressed in this grief walk. Not having seen me in a year, she said: “I’m so glad to see you doing better. I was really worried about you last year.” I thought back through the fog that was that year and remembered that meeting. Raouf was the one who handled the tax visit, though I prepared the material. Our accountant loved him and, much to the chagrin of her other clients, they talked for over an hour on just about everything but taxes: I cried most of our visit.

So now, here I was a year later just catching up, handling the business of the return and leaving the tears at home. I was better…I really was. Didn’t take the grief away, just made it more bearable. It was truly spring.

Whether this is your first spring or one of many, I trust you’re better and enjoying the Son-filled days. I am.

Grace and Peace


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