The Testimony

Written: August 21, 2016 For the past two nights I have been able to listen to the testimony of a man who took a risk to think for himself and compare what he knew about his own religion to the person of Christ and the Bible. In a country where even questioning your faith is … More The Testimony

An Answer Found

Written: June 9, 2016 His question was simple: Where will I go when I die? A simple question, but one with huge implications for his life, because he could not find an answer — not in Islam, not from his imam, not from his family. Because of this, he was not at peace, but spent … More An Answer Found

A Christmas Poem

Found this poem I wrote for a Christmas card from Tunisia in 1999: No reason to celebrate, no need for a tree, They walk in the darkness. Oh, that they could see… A babe in the manger, a child, yet a king, The man was our Savior, our reason to sing… The cross and the … More A Christmas Poem