I recently attended a wedding in Tennessee. While that, in and of itself, is not unusual (there are weddings every day in Tennessee), this one was perhaps more out of the ordinary for most folks from these parts. For, this wedding took place in a Coptic Orthodox Church. Immediately, upon entering, my mind returned to … More Vernacular

The Testimony

Written: August 21, 2016 For the past two nights I have been able to listen to the testimony of a man who took a risk to think for himself and compare what he knew about his own religion to the person of Christ and the Bible. In a country where even questioning your faith is … More The Testimony

An Answer Found

Written: June 9, 2016 His question was simple: Where will I go when I die? A simple question, but one with huge implications for his life, because he could not find an answer — not in Islam, not from his imam, not from his family. Because of this, he was not at peace, but spent … More An Answer Found

A Christmas Poem

Found this poem I wrote for a Christmas card from Tunisia in 1999: No reason to celebrate, no need for a tree, They walk in the darkness. Oh, that they could see… A babe in the manger, a child, yet a king, The man was our Savior, our reason to sing… The cross and the … More A Christmas Poem