Where pondering gets you

I’ve been working on writing up some notes from my grief journals and came across this from November 4, 2016:

Read about a writer in Christianity Today named Ann Vanskamp — seven children, blogs, writes, and even has that little writing house Raouf talked of building me. Not jealous, but pondered on seeing it. Told myself (the Lord perhaps) to turn off the TV and write. Must get busy

I can safely say I’ve gotten a few things written in that year and a half of “inspired” envy, and all through the past months, I kept asking the Lord to open my eyes and ears to see and hear what he had for me to do next.

Unlike Wonder Woman, who could leap amazing distances in her fictional world, we can only take one step at a time. So, that’s what I’ve done. Writing daily, listening to the advice and encouragement given over meals or through messages. One thing has led to another.

I started a blog

I wrote another book

I kept speaking when asked

I joined an online writers group

I submitted a book proposal to an agent

And now, I’m heading to my first writers conference.

Each step has led to another and now, I’m getting out of my introverted writer’s comfort zone, and going to a place with hundreds of other introverts (or at least the majority will be) to learn and network and promote my work. I’m terrified.

I tried to type “and thrilled all at the same time,” but I cannot lie. Terrified covers it. Yet, I’ll take the step under the inspiration that really matters — His. Then, we’ll see what the next step will be.

Have you been pondering something lately? Take that motivation, good or bad, and put it before the Lord. Let him take it and tell you what the next step should be. You may be surprised where you’ll be in a year from now, but you won’t be sorry.

Grace and Peace

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