Block of writers

Have you ever been around people who think like you or who have the same goals in life? Birds of a feather flock together, and this week, I’ve joined a flock in North Carolina, because I’m at a writers conference. It’s not just a group of writers, but Christian writers at that. How much more like-minded could we be?

As I sat at dinner tonight, I listened as each person at my table was sharing what they write and a bit of their journey to this place. I sat between a woman, who’s husband is a cattle rancher, and another who’s a professional counselor. One gets her inspiration from animals, while the other from human struggles. These were just two of the many unique individuals I met on day one, and you know what? They were each passionate about what God was encouraging them to write.

Each person was at a slightly different stage of the writing, speaking or ministry process, but they were taking the risk to get out of their comfort zone and put in the perspiration that is so necessary to back up the inspiration. That includes talking to complete strangers about their work and self, neither which come easily for the ones who prefer to quietly write in solitude.

I found it interesting that tonight’s speaker shared that the three secrets to writing are networking, networking, networking. Just as God created us for relationship, we need relationship to make an impact for the Kingdom…even in writing. I can no more write in isolation than publish in isolation. I need people to feed my inspiration, and I need people both to promote and read my work. No man is an island, not even a writer.

Now that the initial steps have been taken, the nerves are calmer and I’m ready to see what God will do as I network, learn, listen and watch…and of course, write.

Do you have the inspiration to do something for the Kingdom? It might be time for a bit of perspiration. Be strong and courageous.

Grace and Peace

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