In my mind I’m gone to Carolina…

Written: Oct. 17, 2016

Even if you start things before loss, they seem to still affect you afterwards. When Raouf was working as an engineer in Charlotte, NC, he and a friend both bought 7 acres of land up in the mountains and put down foundations for future homes. We eventually bought his friend’s property as well, and built not one, but two homes (one for each boy — was Raouf’s thinking).

The log cabin was finished in 1995 and the “chalet” was built in 2003. Whenever Raouf needed stress relief while overseas, he would pull out blueprints or his drawings and plan…or sometimes just look at the pictures of the mountains.

Many, many days of our limited time “stateside” were spent working on this property. And yet, we had time for visits from family and friends, along with the traditional weenie and marshmellow roast with our neighbor, Ken McCurry.

When we weren’t there, friends were, as many were able to enjoy a break in the mountains and draw closer to Creator God, while gazing at His beauty before them. One group of friends even had a baptismal service! Nothing made Raouf happier.

As we returned to the States, Raouf realized that time and energy were not going to allow us to really enjoy these homes as we planned, and we prepared to sell. We sold the cabin first about three years ago, and have been trying to sell the chalet since. Well…today it was done. Sold. I cancelled the electricity and insurance.

However, as I knew this day was growing closer, I felt grief well up in me as I never experienced before. This was a place Raouf loved, dreamed of, worked hard on, and even relaxed (sometimes). How could I let it go? Yet, it’s done, and I have, though I asked the boys over and over again these past few months if we should sell. We all in our heads agreed yes, but the heart still hurts.

So, I Ieave those of you who can possibily read this extremely long post with the memories…sweet pictures of beautiful days. I’m grateful for the days we had, the work, the fun and most of all, the memories of a man who loved, not only a good project, but to be able to share it with those he loved.

Grace and Peace

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