Called by Name

Written: October 15, 2016

Do you remember the story of when Mary was crying by the tomb, and she didn’t recognize Jesus, until he called her by name? (John 20:10-18…just in case). Last night, when Nermin was reading to me from Raouf’s journal, something struck me — He wrote down the names of every person who accepted the Lord with him.

He not only wrote down their names, but sometimes the exact time they prayed, and how and where. He also wrote prayers on their behalf. What a beautiful reminder that God knows our names even more than those who led us to the Lord. We’re not in the Book of Life by a number, but by our NAMES. He knows us intimately and personally. Just meditate on that for a minute and be encouraged.

Let me share some of the names I’ve been blessed to see written down in our “facimile” of the Book of Life: Assam, Mahmoud, Ronnie, Rafik, Hinde, Robert, Edmond, Muhammed, Jeanette, Kaokub, Maha, Dibah, Nizar’s brother, Jurienna, 2 or 3 taxi drivers, Noha, Adelle Awad, Muhammed , Najah, Mona, Isa, Abu Ahmed, Rabah, Waseem, Aftoun, Nisrine, Amira, Gad, Nazar, Manal.

These are only from Syria and Lebanon, so there are many more to add from Tunisia, Egypt and beyond. I cannot thank the Lord enough for having the privilege of walking beside this man in ministry and service. From the first day Finlay Graham called me Mrs. Merciful Baptizer, I was enthralled with the honor of having been chosen by Raouf to go on this amazing journey of life.

Today, I talked with one of our spiritual daughters, and cried when she told me: “I have been down some very difficult roads these past few years, but I have always known God was with me and was holding on to me and would see me through.” Praise God! He knows us, each one, by name!

Grace and Peace


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