His Touch

Written: June 10, 2016

Some friends gave me a very special gift this last week — a massage — not just like a gift card to get a massage, but their daughter, who is an experienced massage therapist was asked to sacrifice one of her free evenings to bless me.

It first began with a beautiful drive to their home through rolling hills and green. I’m always refreshed by green–grass, trees, bushes, plants of all kinds. After a long day at work, I started to relax just driving there. After I arrived and was introduced to their daughter, she took me up to a bedroom, where she had set up her massage table (I can’t imagine her having to lug it up the stairs), and prepared everything for me to relax while she worked out my kinks.

We talked while she worked, and I learned how she sees this as a ministry, not only physically to those in need, but spiritually, as she prays over every person she works on. I encouraged her in this, and eventually grew quiet, as she continued her work.

All of a sudden, an amazing feeling came over me, and I felt that it was no longer her hands, but those of Jesus cradling me and reminding me that He is touching me through this sister in Christ. The Christy Nockels song “Find me at the Feet of Jesus” kept going through my mind: “Find me, find me at the feet of Jesus. Savior, find me with my heart bowed down. Find me on my knees, find me close to thee. Find me at the feet of Jesus.”

I came to all this because I had been thinking about the touch of Raouf that I’ve missed for the last six months. Raouf’s love language was that of touch. I did not realize until the massage how much I missed his demonstration of love for me. So, as the tears started to come into my eyes, that is when Jesus took over, moving me to a time of thanksgiving and worship.

I’m sure my friends’ daughter was wondering what was happening to her “client”, but later, as I came to thank her, I told her how the Lord had ministered to me through her. I knew she must have been praying for me, as she did all her clients, asking for the Lord’s special touch.

I left, thankful that I had said yes to such a gift I would never have given myself. As I drove down their drive to head home, three beautiful deer walked gracefully in front of my car. God is so good to give us these special moments in life when we yield to Him.

Grace and Peace

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