The Annual Physical

This morning I went in for my annual physical. I love my doctor, Kim Shannon, not only because she’s a great doctor, but because we’ve known each other since we were young — so we’re good friends. I have not been looking forward to this day, not because I have anything wrong with my physically, but because it will be the first time I’ve had a physical without Raouf. You see — we always did what we called a “two-for-one” with Dr. Kim. She’s schedule us on the same day and see us together. We joked with her that we should pay that way too, but even though she’s my friend, she still charged us both — go figure.

Anyway, as I sat on the table in all my glory, Kim came in and asked — “How are you doing?” I said, “OK”. And she asked again: “How are you doing?” “Not too well,” came the weak reply. She let me shed the tears, as we remembered our past visits in her office. Then I took a deep breath, and let her do her “doctor” thing.

Yep…just another “first” in the Grief Walk. No fun, and harder than I wanted it to be…but the Lord helped me get through it…with the help of a doctor who understands and cares. God is good. He knows what I need.

He knows what you need too…and He’ll provide. I got a good report, by the way…just in case you’re wondering.

Grace and Peace.

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