Going Back to Church

Written: Dec 7, 2015

My husband and I started this church (Arabic Baptist Church of Murfreesboro), so going back to church after his death was not an easy undertaking. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could make it, but the Lord was so gracious. We began with a wonderful sermon by Brother Muhammad Shaban, which encouraged us greatly as he related the story of Joseph. He also preached in English, so I didn’t have to translate and could breathe and take it all in.

Following the service and lots of warm hugs from a very loving church, we had a business meeting and, in wonderful unity voted, for Brother Maged Boles to serve as Interim Pastor. It was so beautiful to see this man of God step up to serve.

Then on Sunday evening, I was so touched to have so many in the church step up to serve, from leading in the service to taking out the trash. As I sat in the back (I work the sound and do the PowerPoints), I could not help but be in awe of what God was doing. We were moving forward, grieving, everyone, but moving forward. Then Brother Maged got up to preach–in Arabic, so I had to translate. He began with the last post that Raouf put on Facebook and went on to share from the book of Acts how the followers of Christ were able to go on after their leader’s ascension. In fact, that was the title of his sermon — We will Not Give Up. Yes, the translator choked up a bit, but the Lord helped me through, as I was just enthralled at the message I was hearing. Raouf would have been so proud. I was so proud and humbled. This is what it is all about.

Many times we’ve left countries and those we loved and were not able to see the “day after”. I had a great back-row seat to watch something amazing and a gift from God to me for the memory of a man who gave his life in service for the Kingdom. Thank you, Lord.

Grace and Peace


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