Always His Day

Today is the day he was born. It marks him. It is his day in history…but he’s not here to enjoy it. What do you do with the birthday of the one you loved and lost? Let it slip quietly by? Make a big deal out of it? Let grief overwhelm you? Or, just be … More Always His Day

Naming Rights

History is full of well-known names, many times not because of something they did or accomplished, but because their name is on a physical place or building: Alexandria Library, Marshall Islands, JFK International Airport, Martin Luther King, Jr, Drive, Louis Armstrong Stadium, etc. How many children can tell you anything about the person behind the … More Naming Rights


To go through a new door, one must close another — this is one of the bittersweet parts of the grief journey. I’m trying a new approach though…keeping the door of the past open at least vicariously through my children! I know, it’s cheating, but at least it helped me get through what is a … More Doors

Two Timothies

Tonight I looked at a stage where I stood, almost three years ago to the day, speaking to a group of women about how to reach Muslim women for Christ. I remember being nervous, because Raouf was with me — and not speaking — and I was always a bit intimidated by his presence. However, … More Two Timothies

I Must Decrease

I never know when it will happen, but more often than not, it comes when someone speaks of the impact of his words on their life. It was a typical, crazy Monday at work. I had been running in every kind of direction at the library, but we had a meeting scheduled during my lunch … More I Must Decrease

The Sting is Gone

Written: Oct. 24, 2016 Once again, God allowed a grief moment to be enveloped in a joy moment. It’s really been amazing how many times the joy of new babies coming into this world have surrounded the loss of Raouf in this past year. Even just the day before he passed away, we were greeted … More The Sting is Gone

The Note

Written: Oct. 15, 2016 It is amazing what can be in your house that you never notice…Raouf had laminated a small piece of paper and stuck it in the frame of his seminary diploma. Trust me, I have never paid any attention to it. It is written in his “not very illegible” Arabic handwriting. This … More The Note