This was my husband

Written: Nov 25, 2015

For those of you who are just beginning to read my blog, I am going back one year ago to share posts I had from my Facebook page when my husband died suddenly of a heart attack on a beautiful November day.


This is what makes me so at peace about the man so many of us loved. This is a post from a dear brother from Tunisia: “We will never forget him …I still remember the 1st day I prayed with him when I accepted the lord …he was our teacher … he was always there for me…he was my family when I had no family ….He married us …He was my Dad when I had no Dad. This is very painful for us…But still we have to rejoice that he is with J├ęsus now. This is what he taught me and I believe in that …He is with Jesus and I will meet him again I am sure …”

May we all have posts like this when it is our time to leave this earth! I love Raouf Ghattas for the life he lived and witness he was never afraid to share for our Lord Jesus.

Grace and Peace

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