The Writing Journey

I’m a writer, which, in the literal sense, means I know how to put words on paper or screen. I’ve been this way since I was young, keeping diaries as a girl, prayer journals as a new Christian, and one of those students teachers liked, because I actually enjoyed essay questions. The only area my … More The Writing Journey

Knocking on doors

I could never be a door-to-door salesman. I don’t like facing strangers or trying to sell things. That kind of work is way out of my comfort zone. Then again, sometimes God reminds you that to move forward, you have to step out of that circle of comfort. That’s what I’m doing tomorrow. No, I’m … More Knocking on doors


My goal is to write for Millennials who are called to cross-cultural ministry and missions. I realized it may be a lofty goal, as I read my Millennial son’s editorial comments on a recent book proposal. I had written a sentence using the phrase pat answers. He told me that pat was an outdated word. I happened … More Outdated

When God speaks

I got a phone call today, not from anyone close by, but from far across the ocean; even so, the voice was clear and sweet and, simply put…from God. This dear brother had been on my mind since last week, as I thought of him during the writers conference I attended in North Carolina. Yet … More When God speaks

The escape home

I’d been at a writers conference all week. For an introvert, the constant presence of 500 other people took its toil, not because I didn’t enjoy them, but because they were about 499 too many. I was on overload both from people and information. My emotions had been all over the place, as I sat … More The escape home

Gaining Focus

When our eyesight gets blurred, we go to the eye doctor. I love the feeling of finally being able to see clearly with a new pair of glasses. The strain of being out of focus is removed, and life immediately gets better. I was seeking focus in my writing career, so I came to the … More Gaining Focus