You should write that down!

Have you ever said something that sounded so wise and profound that someone said to you, “You should write that down!”?

It doesn’t happen to me very often in that sense, but there have been moments in my life when something so amazing happens I don’t want to ever forget it.

When God moves in my world, it’s worth writing down.

Whether it’s in a formal way in a journal, on my computer, or in my phone’s notes, I want to hang on to that moment in time. It usually has to do with God moving in a person’s life or working in my own in a new way.

God also speaks — whether through you, a new believer, a fellow laborer, or his Word — capture those words too.

Profound truths are worth remembering.

How do you keep things you want to remember? My mother started me a file folder early in our missionary career where I was able to put cards, clippings, small notes, and even cartoons. She called it my “happy file.”

I cannot tell you how many times I would pull that file out and read through the words captured. Sometimes, I just needed a laugh to break up the sadness I was experiencing. Other times, I needed to be reminded that I was appreciated, prayed for and loved.

Words of affirmation are worth treasuring.

In our visual and digital world, the value of the written word is often neglected and devalued. Though Christ came in the form of a man to live that visual life before us, God made sure to capture the complete story in the written Word. Written over centuries, we have the privilege of holding in our hands a treasure beyond all measure.

The Bible is God’s written affirmation of his love for us.

Don’t go through your years of service without keeping an account of the acts of God, the words of God, and the blessings of God. You’ll need them on the hard days, the days of isolation, and those of seeming defeat.

When you write down the acts of God in your midst, they become the spiritual markers he’ll use to remind you of his work in and through your life.

Write that down!

Grace and Peace

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