To Be or Not to Be

My inner Shakespeare came out in a big way this past week, as I spent most of my vacation editing a book I’m trying to get published. While I’ve had encouragement from publishers and editors on the topic, no one has been brave enough to pick it up for publication. I’m not deterred, but trusting God. I’ve put it on a website where publishers peak for potential projects in the hope it will grab someone’s attention.

In the meantime, I edit.

After receiving some very specific help from this publishing service, I began attacking the book with a vengeance. I thank the Lord for Microsoft Word and the ability to search for a particular word. So much better than having to read and re-read the entire book over and over–though I’ve done that too.

Who knew we used the “to be” verb so much in writing!

My vacation destination…home

I’d already searched for “that” throughout the document, taking two full days, now I was conjugating be and wondering why I was doing this on my vacation!

I’m doing it because it’s a book to help current and future cross-cultural workers.

When I think about the way God spoke to me these past few years, I remember how clearly I heard him say, “help the next generation, Carol.” He showed me that my travels and experiences here and abroad were not just for “that time” but could be used as examples of how God works in the lives of both the sower and the hearer of the Word.

This particular book is about closed doors in ministry, and how we can navigate through the experiences without losing our way and abandoning our call.

I’m learning just because I don’t yet have a publisher, he’s continuing to give me motivation to press on in the task–one edit at a time, because the vision is from him and worth striving for.

Are you feeling bogged down in the edits of life? Has the 2020 pandemic made you feel you’ve got excess in your life that needs removing or changing into an active verb?

Let God remind you of your call to service and the vision he gave you for where he has you in ministry.

When he does, taking time to press through days of edits seems so much more worth the effort. There’s purpose in the pain of being refined and edited for his glory.

Grace and Peace

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