Nothing by chance

I debated accepting. After all, it was only ten minutes. Was it really worth the drive? As I thought about the invitation to drive to a small town church, I heard a voice reminding me: “Didn’t you ask me to expand your speaking opportunities this year? Maybe it’s more about making connections than speaking.” So, … More Nothing by chance

Naming Rights

History is full of well-known names, many times not because of something they did or accomplished, but because their name is on a physical place or building: Alexandria Library, Marshall Islands, JFK International Airport, Martin Luther King, Jr, Drive, Louis Armstrong Stadium, etc. How many children can tell you anything about the person behind the … More Naming Rights

The Bridge Builder

My husband used to play a game with groups when he was speaking. He would have them say a word — any word, that came to mind, and he would build a bridge to the Gospel. He didn’t just have a gift, he practiced a lot! I miss hearing from him the stories of those … More The Bridge Builder

Two Timothies

Tonight I looked at a stage where I stood, almost three years ago to the day, speaking to a group of women about how to reach Muslim women for Christ. I remember being nervous, because Raouf was with me — and not speaking — and I was always a bit intimidated by his presence. However, … More Two Timothies

An Answer Found

Written: June 9, 2016 His question was simple: Where will I go when I die? A simple question, but one with huge implications for his life, because he could not find an answer — not in Islam, not from his imam, not from his family. Because of this, he was not at peace, but spent … More An Answer Found

A Well-Placed Poem

Written March 31, 2016 This poem/prayer was placed just before my by-line in the Mission Mosaic Magazine this month. When I read it this morning, I said, “Yes, Lord…this is my prayer.” Once again, I’m so thankful for those who are sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and act on it. May this be your prayer … More A Well-Placed Poem