The Bridge Builder

My husband used to play a game with groups when he was speaking. He would have them say a word — any word, that came to mind, and he would build a bridge to the Gospel. He didn’t just have a gift, he practiced a lot! I miss hearing from him the stories of those who accepted Christ through his witness.

So, in my own way, I’m trying to carry on his practice through my writing, and I’ve been working on a daily devotion that goes through the Bible and builds bridges to the Gospel. I do one a day actually as part of my quiet time, so it will be a year before I’m done, in case you’re wondering. However, what is amazing to me, though I know it would never have been to Raouf, is that I can find bridges every day!

It has been such a serendipity (I like that word) from the Lord to have this daily reminder of how relevant His Word is to my life and to the lives of the people you and I come in contact with on a daily basis. It’s not just that His Word helps me to grow in my personal walk with Christ, but that I can draw on its truth and stories to build bridges in my witness to others.

Have I done this in my life on a regular basis? No. Will I be more conscious of the opportunities to do so from now on? Absolutely. We might easily remember to hide His Word in our hearts, that we might not sin against God. Yet how often are we using His word as the sharp, two-edged sword to penetrate the soul and spirit of others, that they would be made conscious of the One who is able to judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart?

Are we failing in our duty to share the Gospel, because we’ve not just grown complacent but also feel that perhaps the Bible is really not relevant to the post-modern, secular humanistic, materialistic and just plain lost people of today? I’m glad my husband never stopped sharing. I will strive to follow his example.

How about you?

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “The Bridge Builder

  1. Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    The Lord has giving me the tools I need,
    The resources to build the Almighty has provided.
    What am I called to build,
    What is it am I to create with His tools?
    A bridge to Jesus He calls me to build,
    My Christ has commanded me to create a way to Him.
    So that all may come to Him,
    That everyone who comes shall be saved.
    Yet have I been faithful in my job,
    In my construction, have I been on task?
    I confess to the King of Kings of my laziness,
    My lethargy, I admit and repent before the Lord of Lords.
    I pray the Almighty may give me a heart to build,
    A heart of boldness I ask God to provide for me.
    For it is time to build His bridge,
    I must proceed to clear the way for my Savior.

  2. For me, since I couldn’t answer every question when I first accepted the Lord (I probably still can’t), sharing the Gospel meant taking someone to a person who can confidently share with them.
    It’s a responsibility.
    It scares me less and less as I grow obviously but what scares me more now is seeing way more lost than saved and more grey than any other hair color when I look down from the Church mezzanine. So yes, I wish there was an endless number of clones of Raouf.
    I know any effort from us will be agreeable to God and if we ask, he’ll guide us.

    1. I am a lot like you, and I had Raouf to take people to…not anymore, so I’m challenging myself and others to step up to the plate for the Kingdom. The increase of lostness is almost overwhelming at times, but God reminds me to never be in despair. We serve a powerful God! We will keep pressing on and seeking to follow the example of Raouf and Jesus.

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