Words of Comfort and Love

Today, the Arabic Baptist Church hosted a memorial service to mark the 1-year anniversary of my husband’s death. The church was full of people who may not have known Raouf for more than 5 or 6 years, but who were touched by this man of God.

As my sons and I listened to one after another share their thoughts, there was a constant theme — Raouf was a man who lived for God, and he left that sweet fragrance in the lives of many. They shared how he embodied love and wisdom together; how he was a man of kindness, when kindness is not something that is honored in this world. He was a friend and father who listened and focused on helping others work through difficult situations, while not condemning the person. He was focused on one thing — seeing the Lost come to Christ. He was always a missionary at heart.

He walked in the way of his Lord, as he trained and walked with others to do ministry and to continue the work he began. While he finished his work, he left work to be continued by those he loved.

He drank lots of coffee. He could be tough and stubborn but always in love. He could break a man’s pride, but leave them with the honor of being humbled.

What an inheritance we have — but it’s not one just for me, his wife, or even for his sons. It is for all those who knew him and even more so, for those they too will touch.┬áRaouf Ghattas did nothing that was extraordinary — he simply followed his God in obedience, leaving the results to the Lord.

I saw those results today in the lives of young and old alike, and I know I will be seeing and hearing of even more as the fragrance continues to spread around the world. I do not glorify my husband, for all the glory goes to the God he served. We’re all just blessed to be a small part of what He’s doing in and through us and men like Raouf Ghattas.

Grace and Peace

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