A Colorful Testimony

Written: Oct. 8, 2016

I had lunch today with my friend, Vicky, who has also lost her dear husband this year. We understand each other and can talk honestly about our feelings. She gave me some of her husband’s sermons to pass on to Pastor Maged, but I had to sneak a peak first, because I’ve always wanted to see what Brother Dan’s notes looked like.

Every page of his sermon notes was full of beautiful colors and markings to help him convey the messages the Lord have him. I can almost hear him speak through the highlights and emphasized letters. Brother Dan preached with excitement and color, just like his notes convey.

It makes me think of how we share our faith in a day to day basis–is it with excitement? Is it colorful and larger than life, or drab and complacent? I want my faith to grab the world’s attention just like Brother Dan’s sermons and life did me.

Thank you, Lord, for this legacy and example to us all.

Grace and Peace

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