What would they say?

If someone gave a report about you, what would they say?

In his letter to the Galatians, Paul was talking about how the believers in Judea hadn’t yet seen him, but they were hearing about him.

“He who used to persecute us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy.” And they glorified God because of me.

The believers were thrilled to hear about the amazing change in the man who used to persecute Christians, and they glorified God.

Last night at prayer meeting, we prayed for one of our brothers, who has been told by his father to recant his new faith or face being disowned by his family. We lifted his case before the Father, and at one point, someone prayed that his family would be so moved by the change they saw in his life, that they too would come to Christ.

Think about your life before Christ. Who were you? What did people know about you then? What kind of person were you? Then, ask yourself: “Am I different now, because of Christ?” Is there such a change in your life that people are drawn to the Christ you serve or give glory to God for you?

I accepted Jesus at the tender age of eight. I don’t have a Saul-to-Paul testimony to share with the world, but I can still apply this passage to my life as a Christian. I think about it this way: If a fellow believer were telling a stranger about me, what would they say? Am I living a life that would cause another to give glory to God because of me? Am I living a life that draws people to Christ?

If, through your words and deeds, you are building up the Body of Christ and sharing your faith with the lost, your life is a positive testimony to others. However, if your words and deeds tear down the Body and her members, the report will not be the same. Or, maybe you’re too closely connected with the world, listening to her lies over the truth of Scripture. What does that say to others about your faith?

We are not saved by our works, but our faith is shown by what we do and say. I want to get a good report, not only from those around me, but most importantly from the Lord, who knows me and gave himself for me.

Reflect on your life. What would they say?

Grace and Peace


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