When Home Is Not Where Your Heart Is

You have confidence in obeying God’s direction to serve him among another people group or in a new land. You’ve received nothing but confirmation after confirmation from Scripture, your Church, and your family. You’re prepared, packed, and excited about all that lies ahead. You take off, full of hope.

Then you land.

In principle, you know you should feel at home in this new place, among these new people, with your new team, but you quickly face a new reality—Home is not here because your heart is somewhere else.

Please know that you are not alone if you’ve ever experienced this sensation. It happens to us all, even the most spiritual among us because we have suddenly been pushed way too far out of our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is home, and it’s not this place!

What happens when homesickness hits?

You remember everything with a rose-colored memory. You miss your church’s praise team. You crave the foods you tried to avoid at potlucks. You question God’s call, and you question yourself. Even after you think you’ve adjusted, survived, and served, this same feeling can hit upon return to what you knew as your home country.

Is finding home possible on this side of eternity?

Yes, but it sometimes takes effort and focus. It’s not automatic or a given. We have to do some in-depth soul-searching and Scripture searching to find our way. We have to lean on God and find support from others.

If you’re struggling with finding home where you serve or are preparing to serve in ministry, I want to give you a gift—the introduction to my new book Not in Kansas Anymore: Finding Home in Cross-Cultural Service. Click HERE to download your free pdf today. I pray it will encourage you and remind you that others have walked this way before you. If you find it helpful, I’d be honored for you to purchase a copy at your favorite online book distributor. It’s available in both paperback and e-book formats.

I pray as you read that the Lord, who has made his home in your heart, will give you the grace and peace to be at home wherever you may live and serve.

God’s dwelling place is now among the people.

Revelation 21:3 NIV

Grace and Peace

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