Top Ten Posts of 2020

It’s been an interesting year for writing. If there is anything that 2020 provided, it was fodder for blog topics. However, as I look back over the posts that were most read by you, my dear followers, it is not just an election or pandemic that caught your attention.

The blog entitled Sex was my number one for this year, and I don’t know what it says about you, but it does tell me that you pay attention to titles! This one was a tease, however, as I addressed what God wants us to remember about sex in our married lives and ministry.

When Grief Catches Up is just a reminder that we’re never really done with loss. It hits us even as the years pass, and many times, in the most unexpected places.

I’ve enjoyed writing more about my mission journey this year, and my post entitled I Feel Their Pain was an ode to parents who give up their children to overseas service, as I’m now on the other side of the fence and better understand what my parents endured.

My latest post, The Secret Things of 2020, struck a cord with many, as I reflected on recent loss and a strong reminder from the Lord from Numbers 29:29. That will be a verse I carry with me into 2021 and beyond.

This year was especially difficult for milestones that should have been happy moments instead of sad, and I shared the grief through a short post called, It Doesn’t Count.

Loss Deferred was about grief cut short by the joyous salvation of my local diner we feared was closing. If you understand the importance of place in memories, you’ll like this post, as others did.

When digging through an old email folder, I found an unexpected treasure, so I wrote about it in Love to a Wife.

Great authors provide great quotes, and one by G. K. Chesterton led to a post entitled, A World Gone Mad. If his modern world had gone mad, who knows what he would say about us today.

Hearing from mission colleagues about the struggles of 2020 led me to write I Can’t Relate as a response, as we many times forget how easy we have it compared to earlier generations. Having recently read biographies of those who lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries, I’m sure they’d be saying the same thing to me.

To end this list of ten, I am happy to share It’s Their Turn, which was a symbolic passing of the baton to my son and his new wife, as they launched their speaking career for missions. Missions has been my life and always will be, but now I get to watch it also be that of my children. That’s a good thing, once I got over the shock!

I hope you have found one of these posts or another of this past year to be an encouragement as you journey in this world. If so, please share them with a friend, subscribe to my blog, encourage others to do the same, and always let me hear from you. We are on this road together.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year.

May you walk always in His grace and peace,


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