The Morning After

For those of you as old as I am, you might have the old Maureen McGovern song running through your mind right now, as you wake up the day after the U.S. 2020 Presidential election. There is a morning after, for sure, though it may feel more like one accompanied with a huge hangover for some!

Whatever side of the isle you’re waking up on today, this morning may contain disappointment and even anger. That’s always the case with win and lose cases. Not everyone you wanted to win did and some you wanted to lose didn’t.

However, I can also say the same thing about happiness. There will be a good bit of that going around as well, as candidates win and those we didn’t like lost.

Let’s just agree that this Morning After is one full of emotions.

Those emotions are not going to be easily suppressed as we leave home for work or school or running errands. However, as Christ followers, wherever we live, it’s important that we don’t let our emotions hinder our witness for Christ.

How can emotions ruin our witness?

  • By allowing gloating over a victory to cause a co-worker pain.
  • By acting on our anger and frustration by speaking harshly to others or causing physical damage.
  • By responding negatively to others who might be both happy or sad over the results of the election.
  • By being generally insensitive to others.
  • By forgetting to keep our tongue harnessed in conversations with others.

If there was ever an opportunity to show that our peace is found in Christ alone, it is today in America.

How will this morning after affect your relationship with Christ?

How will this morning after affect your relationship with others?

Leaders come and go. God alone reigns above all for eternity. I want to please him this morning and every morning after. I pray you do too.

Grace and Peace

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