Lessons Learned

I’d been eight months in the country. It was my first of many experiences: First time living away from family. First time overseas. First time living on my own. First time in a job where I was responsible for the work being done. First time living with the consequences of my actions when no one … More Lessons Learned

The Outsider

The year I graduated from college, I left home to spend two years in the Ivory Coast. Being a French major, I worked in a publication house for French-speaking West Africa. Now, thirty-some years later, I look back at my journals and see how I’ve changed or haven’t changed. I wrote about thinking how hard … More The Outsider

When life hurts

Life can be rough. We’ve all had bad days or gone through hard times. Though they seemed horrible at the moment, we survived and got through them. A flashback to our teenage years provides numerous examples. But there are other times when we’re faced with struggles that can’t simply be shrugged off or let go, … More When life hurts

Finding Motivation

While I think it is a natural part of the grief journey, many in all stages of life suffer from motivation disorder, which is my fancy way of saying a lack of motivation. Though I’m better now than I was 15 months ago, I still find myself struggling at times to just get out of … More Finding Motivation

What’s Next?

Today, Nermine was helping me finish translating the last of Raouf’s journal notes for the book I’m writing. The majority of the entries of the past 25 years were stories of each person he led to the Lord and the circumstances of their conversion. However, the last entry, written in 2012 said: I asked the … More What’s Next?