Your Psalm 23

There is nothing like God’s Word to help us focus in times of crisis. My sister reminded me recently of an exercise my father practiced at different periods in his life — he adapted Psalm 23 to fit his particular situation.

After his death, I pulled “Tom’s Psalms” together and made a gift book for my siblings. My sister and brother-in-law shared several with their church family during an emphasis on the psalms this past month. I want to share one with you today as well:

Walking with God by Tom Brown. Written in 1988, after he retired and traveled with my mother to visit me in West Africa.

The Lord is my companion.
He is ever at my side.

He ever leads me in new experiences.
Places I would never have gone on my own.

We have an exciting walk together
As He opens to me new vistas of His kingdom.

Sometimes He leads me in the hard places.
Places where Satan claims the territory,
But He is right there beside me all the way.

He gives me every provision for the journey.
He gives blessed companionship and counsel.
We enjoy each others’ company.

He will continue to walk with me
and will never leave me nor forsake me,
Until I walk on home with Him.

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Dad & Mom with me in Ivory Coast

As you focus this Friday, how could you adapt the words of Psalm 23 to fit your current situation in life? God’s Word is personal and meant to be applied to our lives.

David saw the Lord as his shepherd, and it fit him perfectly. How is God revealing himself to you during these days of pandemic? Is he your shepherd, your doctor, your companion or friend?

Let him know. Write it down.

Grace and Peace

4 thoughts on “Your Psalm 23

  1. I love this, Carol … a priceless gift from your dad!!

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  2. Carol, thank you for sharing! I often forward these to my husband, and this is what I wrote on today’s email:

    “Retirement goals! Maybe we’ll straighten up our white hair some day and go visit our kids in a new place 🙂

    Love the intimacy he had with God 💚“

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