Major crises and natural disasters are quick ways to reveal a person’s true self.

For the “glass-half-empty” folks, it’s all “doom and gloom”, and we might as well prepare for impending illness or death.

For the “glass-half-full” kind, “this too shall pass” and “a better day is sure to come.”

Have you discovered your personality type?

Pre-coronavirus and pre-quarantine, I took a picture outside my kitchen window. We’d had several days of rain, and I’d had enough. That’s when I saw them.

puddlesBirds splashing in a puddle.

You would have thought they’d have had enough water during the rain, but no, here they were, flittering back and forth, shaking their little tail-feathers and enjoying their God-made bird bath.

They were making the most of life after the storm.

Have you been cooped up in your house so long, that you hesitate to go outside on a sunny day just to let the sun’s rays hit your face?

Have social distancing orders kept you from connecting with others on the phone, through email or zoom?

Has watching too much news kept you from reading your Bible and finding comfort and peace in God’s promises?

That little puddle wasn’t going to last more than a day for the birdies, but they were not going to miss the chance for a swim.

Don’t miss the opportunities God’s providing for you to find joy in these days of struggle. 

Last week, my puddle was a first-ever zoom gathering of my first cousins on my mother’s side. We laughed and reminisced; we made fun of each other’s white hair or lack of hair; we shared prayer requests and news of our kids and grandkids.

I had a blast! I could have played in that puddle for a long time just catching up, but it was not to be. We all got tired and began saying our goodbyes after about and hour and a half. I could have grown sad at the end, but I didn’t. I made the most of the opportunity and carried the blessing with me to bed and woke up smiling about it the next day.

What puddle has God left at your doorstep that you’ve missed by stepping over it instead of jumping in, feet first?

Don’t miss out — look for the blessings after the storm.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Puddles

  1. I have been reading along with you and am so encouraged by today’s post—thank you! What a vivid picture and timely reminder. In the past, in some very dark days, God has also spoken to me powerfully through birds splashing in puddles. He is a good creator and a faithful father!

    Eager to move forward this week with eyes open for his blessings after the storm.

    1. Thank you, Blythe. I’m so glad it was an encouragement to you. I can imagine you have many puddle moments in the beautiful eyes if your sweet kids. God will give you many more, I’m sure. Stay strong in him.

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