Two Faces

Strange thoughts come to us in life, and I had one of those moments this last week. I was standing in my bedroom, looking at a picture of my late husband that hangs on the wall. It’s a picture our oldest son took of him, and it’s very good. It represents him as the pastor of the Arabic churches he planted in Tennessee. It captures the face of the man I’d loved for twenty-five years. It’s the way I now remember him the most.

Then I glanced over at my dresser. Hanging there is a small silver frame with another picture — same man, but twenty-five years earlier, when he was pastor of another Arabic church in another state. Seems like another time altogether.

Then the thought came to me.

These are the faces of the man I married and the man I buried.

Grief struck.

It didn’t come to me in waves of tears or remorse, but in a thoughtful way. Wow, I’m looking at a lifetime with him in two simple pictures. One represents the dark-haired, brown-eyed, exotic Egyptian man, who was full of energy and adventure and on-fire for the Lord. The other represents the American-Egyptian, father of my children, wise man of God, who allowed me to experience the world by his side.

I loved both sides of the same man, and everything in between.

So, as I reflect on the life displayed in those pictures, I ask myself: “What does my face reflect to others?” Is it a life that displays selfish ambition, self-centeredness, anger and greed, or is it a life that reflects God’s hand on me, love, joy, peace or wisdom?

Pictures are glimpses into our souls. I was reminded of that while looking at my husband, caught in a moment of time, yet reflecting years of life and experience.

What does your picture share about your soul? Even though the face may show age with time; when Jesus is in the heart, the peace overshadows any earthly flaws. What will others see in your pictures after you’re gone? What do you see today in the daily picture reflected in the mirror?

Let Jesus be captured in every shot taken. It’s not too late to change your picture.

Grace and Peace

5 thoughts on “Two Faces

  1. Very thought-provoking message, Carol! I would so like to know I reflect Jesus as Raouf did and as you do!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia. I have a long way to go in that effort, but I try to get out of the way to let him do his thing through me. Raouf was the best at it for sure. We’re all works in progress.

  2. Our life on earth is very short, but the memory of a life well spent remains for eternity!

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