When Writing meets Reality

There are so many serendipities to following God. I like that word, because it reminds me of my dad. He was a serendipity-kind-of man; always looking for the blessings that God brings our way. Unlike the idea of “chance” or “luck”, serendipities in faith are like extra toppings to the already wonderful blessing of knowing Christ as Savior.

Not only do we have the blessing of eternal life by choosing to follow Christ, but God brings countless serendipitous moments in our walk of faith. I find that the more I am in line with his will for my life, the more I’m aware of the serendipities he brings.

In recent months, I have made some hard choices to follow God’s call at this stage in my life. To focus on writing, I’ve had to say no to other things, other opportunities to serve. That’s hard, and it’s not been without struggle and pain.

Maybe that’s why the book I’ve been working on, the book that a publisher may consider, is about closed doors. Life in ministry, in service to God, is not without struggle over doors that seemingly close for no reason or due to things we have to face. I’ve had a lot of doors close and am writing in hopes of encouraging others in their journey, so they don’t lose their way.

In this process, I’ve had several reminders from God that this effort has purpose and is relevant to what other believers are facing. This is where I get my serendipities — my moments of encouragement to press on in the task he’s put on my heart.

The only problem is, my blessing comes through the heartache of another. A friend, a former colleague, a fellow laborer for the Kingdom — she’s had her share of closed doors over the years, but did she have to have one this week? The week when we reconnected after months apart?

I heard the pain in her voice, even as she shared the assurance of God’s hand in every circumstance. Why, Lord? Did she have to lose her job that she so enjoyed doing for your Kingdom? Even as we encouraged each other in the sovereignty of God, I hurt for her. She’s facing yet another transition, another opportunity to lean heavily on him. Hasn’t she had enough?

And yet I see it — another clear indication that closed doors are part of life, and with each one, we have the chance to prove to others, and to ourselves, that our faith is real and rests firm in the hands of a loving God. I’m confident for my friend, as I’ve been for myself, that that same God will open a new door in just the right time — his time, and through that door will be new blessings in service.

So, here I sit, thankful for the opportunity to have confirmation for my task, while praying in confidence that he will work in my friend’s life as well.

When writing meets reality, I’m reminded I’m right where he wants me, and that’s my serendipity for today.

Are you experiencing the blessings of being in the center of his will? Open your eyes to see the serendipities. They may come in unexpected ways, but they’re blessings just the same.

Grace and peace

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