We all need prayer

It’s coming from all directions today.

A church member has two sister-in-laws in the hospital in different parts of the country, and he’s trying to comfort both of his siblings, who are hurting. This is just one of many things hitting him in the past few months.

An ESL volunteer needs prayer for work, as he will soon be without income to provide for his family. His lawn mower died.  His aging parents will be coming for a week’s visit soon, which puts stress the family. He said it’s like juggling bowling balls.

An ESL student’s husband is having surgery on his back next month, and his diabetes makes it risky.

A colleague had a car accident tonight.

Friends have had a rough day at work.

A church member’s mother is in need of open heart surgery, but the family is worried about the risk. Her mother is in another country, and so it’s especially hard on her to be far away at a time like this.

As I got into my car tonight after ESL class, I was tempted to zone out with the radio, but then realized, “no, I need to turn it off and pray.”

I did.

So many times, people have asked me to remember them in prayer, and I say I will and then promptly forget. I realized that when I don’t pray right away, the requests don’t stay with me.

“Lord, forgive me when I don’t pray, and more importantly, forgive me when I don’t pray with that person at the moment they ask me.”

That’s what I was thinking about my ESL student. “Why didn’t I just stop right then and pray for her husband? She was obviously worried about him. Am I not a believer in the power of prayer and in my God who hears and answers? I need to practice my faith!”

I love our Wednesday evening prayer meeting at my church, simply for the fact that we actually pray…a long time. I have seen the Lord answer those prayers, and I know the effectiveness of when one or two gather in His name to pray.

“Forgive me, Lord for my forgetfulness. Help me to demonstrate my confidence in the One who hears and answers.”

We all need prayer. I’m glad I can pray for those who share their needs. I’m glad people pray for me.

Let us pray.

Grace and Peace

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