What if I don’t obey?

Read John 14:15-27.

Have you ever been sent to the school counselor’s office?

When I was in school, the counselor was for the kids who got into trouble. Now everybody sees the counselor. My sons would see the counselor at the beginning of each school year to go over their class schedule and make sure they were choosing the classes that fit with their academic objectives. Kids can’t make these decisions on their own; they need guidance. That’s why they’re called guidance counselors.

Jesus was getting ready to leave this temporary life, and just like a wise parent, he knew the disciples could not be left alone. They barely survived while he was with them; I can’t imagine how they would be when he left. Thankfully, he had a solution — the Holy Spirit. He wasn’t going to be just a part-time guidance counselor, but a 24/7, 365-days-out-of-the-year kind.

They needed the Holy Spirit, because if they were going to show their love for Jesus, they were going to have to obey his teaching. Just as children, on a good day, have difficulty doing everything a parent asks, so do disciples of Christ.

I want to obey. I try to obey. I make an effort to obey…but I fail. Sin and pride get in the way. The temptation to do things my way overwhelms me.

That’s why he calls our Counselor the Spirit of Truth. When the Spirit lives in us, he keeps the truth of Christ in our hearts and minds. So, when I’m tempted to go my own way, the truth pricks my soul and reminds me of what Christ would want. It’s then that I allow the Spirit to guide me to the path of obedience.

When I choose wrong over right, the Spirit brings conviction and guilt over my wrongdoing. He gently rebukes and restores. If I continue in my rebellion, I may face stronger correction, sometimes in the simple facing of the consequences of my sin.

I am so glad Jesus left the Holy Spirit for his followers. And, since I’d much rather face the Guidance Counselor than the Principal, I’m going to choose to demonstrate my love for Jesus through obedience.

What about you?

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