Remembering the man

As I sit here on a beautiful November day, remembering the same sunny weather on the day he left us two years ago, I cannot help but thank God for the man I loved. I like to remember his words, so I pulled this from the book I wrote on his life this past year: A Life Surrendered: Raouf W. Ghattas.

Raouf wrote the following during the summer of 1997:

I am an evangelist. I love to tell people about the only person who can change their destiny. The Lord has blessed me so much and on so many occasions. There have been many times when I have shared with a lost person for only ten to fifteen minutes, and the person is ready to accept Christ, because the Holy Spirit has been at work long before.

In Yemen, where the terrain is rugged and rough, I thought that no one would accept Jesus. Yet, after I shared with a man about the Lord, he said: “I am between your Lord’s hands. What do you want me to do to accept Jesus as Savior?” I told him of course, but felt that it was too easy. I even doubted if he was really accepting the Lord, because he had been so ready.

Then the hard times come—troubles with mission property and broken relationships with some workers. It felt so hard, so heavy to bear. Then a wise area director told me: “Do you not think it is worth all this trouble to see those people coming to know the Lord?” Then I saw it all clearer. Even with those minutes that we share Jesus, and people accept Him, and I feel it is easy, there is the price that is very highly paid first by Him, then by all of us who must deal with the details and pressures of the field which bring heartaches. Yet, it is worth it all for only one to come and say: “Yes, I want to accept Jesus as Savior—I am between your Lord’s hands.”

This is the man I remember today, grateful for the honor of walking by his side in life and ministry. This is the man my sons will remember, as they also remember a loving and devoted father and friend. He was truly “between the Lord’s hands” on this earth, and now with him in glory.

May you find the good to remember of those you miss today.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Remembering the man

  1. Wow that’s pretty powerful, thanks for sharing. He sounded like a very passionate man that’s for sure! It’s awesome that you have a fantastic memory of the guy that clearly loved God!

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