Old Friends

“It’s amazing that after 27 years, we can pick up like we’ve never been apart.” That’s what a retired missionary to Venezuela said as we ate dinner. They’d driven to the conference from South Texas and visited friends along the way. There’s a bond in this group as I hear snippets of conversations on our first day together.

“Where did you serve?” is usually the first question if they don’t immediately recognize you. Then, if they didn’t serve in the same region, their kids or grandkids do. Connections are easily made and conversations take off.

This is the nature of the beast when you’re part, not just of the family of God, but of the International Mission Board (IMB) family of missionaries. It’s sweet to listen to them talk, as they ask about each other’s respective countries, people they love, and what God’s doing now in their land of service and here in their land of exile.

Truly, this world is not their own, and I know these blessed conversations will continue on the other side of glory.

What connects you with others? Is it kids, sports, cars, work? I pray that you may know the joy of connecting over God’s work in the world and the spread of the Gospel. These are the conversations that matter and have eternal impact. What are you talking about today?

Grace and Peace

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