We come, they go

Today, I sat in the back of the sanctuary at the Arabic Baptist Church and watched my youngest son be surrounded by the congregation. They gathered to pray for him, as they have done so many others, to ask God’s blessings and protection as he goes out on mission.

I’ve been on the receiving end of such prayers many times before, as a single woman heading to the Ivory Coast and as a married woman leaving for the Middle East. Each time was unique and served as a spiritual marker in my journey of faith. Nothing is better than being remembered in prayers — individual or corporate. They sustain us in the hard times and encourage us to press on, knowing that others are joining us in our efforts to serve God on a daily basis.

Now I watch my son prepare to leave for his own adventure of service, confident that he’s got that same hedge of prayer around him. It does not mean that he will not be faced with difficulty or trial, but that he has been entrusted into the care of a loving Father, who will see him through. When he writes with requests for prayer, there is a group who will immediately lift them to the Lord. When he returns, they will be anxious to hear his report and rejoice with him for God’s good work.

Prayer saw me through, and prayer will now see both of us through — as he goes, and as I let watch him leave. I’m thankful it works both ways.

I trust you will find the same benefits in your life and in the lives of those you hold dear. Gather the saints around you…and pray.

Grace and Peace

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